Get Here

The Denver Center is easily accessible by all forms of public transportation, is right off of the Cherry Creek Bike Path, and has parking meters that take credit cards.

So . . . nothing should stop you.

Or, if you prefer something with slightly more credibility… Google Map:

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If you are opting to drive, you should keep the following things in mind:

  • The Denver Performing Arts Complex parking garage ranges from $9-$15 and is certainly the easiest and most convenient parking. If you carpool, you can split the cost. Pack a minivan with 15 friends and park for $1 each. The Convention Center is also a good option. Click here for more info
  • There are parking meters across the street from The Jones and on Arapahoe. These cost $1 per hour and are often full during evening performances but a good option for late-night shows. And you can now use a credit card instead of the change you dig out from under your car seat.
  • If you are too high maintenance to be bothered with finding a spot or circling a parking garage or might imbibe past the legal limit…Google “TAXI,” (or download Taxi Magic, if you have been living under a rock.)

Light Rail/Bus

Cheap and surprisingly convenient:


We won ‘t explan how to bike from wherever you live, but here are a few notes:

  • The Jones now has bike racks! Please ride to the show and park for free!
  • The Jones is right off the Cherry Creek bike path, so biking is often faster than driving.
  • View a Denver area bike map
  • Find the nearest B-Cycle locations

Make a Night Out of it

If you work downtown and want to stay downtown or if you want a place to meet your friends before the show or if you live far away and want to take advantage of being downtown — see the map below for restaurant and bar suggestions:

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