Off-Center is theatre that feels like a night out – fewer formalities, less sitting still, more beer, more fun.  Everything we do is guided by the five ingredients below, mixed to taste:


  • The experience extends before, during and after the show and beyond the traditional performance space
  • Audiences influence and interact, they don’t just watch


  • Incorporating a variety of art forms
  • New and unexpected uses of technology to engage (not isolate) the audience


  • Building community
  • Collaborating with and fostering local talent


  • A lab to test new forms, ideas, and technologies
  • Challenging the rules, formalities and definitions of theatre


  • In conversation with pop and Internet culture
  • Centered around the work of young artists


The Recipe was created and tested through the Innovation Lab for the Performing Arts. It was written by Amy Allison, Laurence Curry, Melissa Dibble, Seth Holt, Douglas Langworthy, Samantha Long, Cara Miale, Charlie Miller, Rick Noble, Emily Tarquin, and Kent Thompson.

Check out ArtsFwd for more of our story and how we developed Off-Center through the Innovation Lab.